Tuesday, February 23, 2016

PBS - Meet the Candidates

PBS has created an interactive map which provides a great introduction to the 2016 presidential candidates and to U.S. presidential elections. The map is tracking the movements of the 2016 presidential candidates. It also contains biographical portraits of each of the candidates, election events taking place across the country and a host of interesting election facts about every state.

The Meet the Candidates map shows the 'last seen' location of each of the candidates (although I don't know how often it is updated as Jeb Bush is still shown as a candidate). The candidates' current locations are shown on the map with little photo markers. If you click on a marker you can view a biographical portrait of the selected candidate.

Election events are also displayed on the map for every state. If you select a state on the map you can also learn about how many electoral votes it has and a little more about the state's history.

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