Monday, February 22, 2016

The 3D OpenStreetMap World of New York

CubicPower appear to be creating a 3d Doom type game world from OpenStreetMap data. CubicPower's New York Maze map is a series of thousands of small block size 3d maps of New York locations, which you can explore using your keyboard.

The CubicPower website doesn't appear to have any information about these 3d maps. They appear to be made with a WebGL powered 3d engine, with OpenStreetMap map tiles imported as textures. I assume the buildings in the maps are based on OpenStreetMap building footprints and building height tags.

The New York Maze also seems to have imported business location data from OpenStreetMap. The links to the thousands of small 3d maps created by CubicPower are listed like a business directory. This might give a clue as to what is being created here. Perhaps Cubic Power is in the process of building a large 3d mapped business directory of New York.

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