Thursday, February 04, 2016

Mapping the Changing Landscape

Tidskikaren is a fascinating interactive map which allows you to explore the dramatic changes in the landscape around the Julita Museum, in Södermanland Sweden, over the last four centuries.

The map includes a timeline which allows you to view the changing landscape over the centuries and a number of layers which allow you to view the changes to arable land, forests, meadows and pastures (or all four layers at once).

Once you select one of the different land types you can click on the information button to learn about the landscape changes for that type of land over the centuries (in Swedish). The map also includes a number of markers which you can select to learn more about the landscape changes in that region.

The Welikia Project is a similar map which allows you to explore a map of Manhattan, New York in 1609.

Before there was Manhattan there was Mannahatta. You can explore Mannahatta as it once was with the Welikia Project. The map provides an imagined satellite view of how Manhattan Island looked before New Amsterdam was established.

The project maps the natural landscape of New York's valleys, forests, fields, freshwater wetlands and salt marshes. If you click on any New York neighborhood on the Welikia Google Map you can discover a wealth of information about the area's ecology as it existed in 1609.

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