Sunday, February 14, 2016

Looking for Love? Try these Singles Maps

This week, with one eye on Valentines Day, a number of interactive maps were released that show where all the single men and women live.

The Map of French Singles visualizes the proportion of single men and women in every French department. If you are a young single French woman then the map is good news. It shows that in the 20-29 age group there are lots of single men across the whole of France. If you are a young French man then you need to be patient. There might not be many single women around when you are in your twenties, but if you wait until you are in your sixties you won't be able to move for single women.

In the United States the biggest problem in finding a date is that all the single men live on the west coast and all the single women live on the east coast. The next biggest problem is that all the single men are young and all the single women are of a more mature age.

The U.S. Singles Map reveals that single men far outnumber single women in nearly every city in America. Which means it should be fairly easy for single women to find a date. The situation does change however when you adjust the ages displayed on the map. It seems that there are far more mature single women than there are mature single men.

Over half of the adult population in England and Wales are single. Islington in London is the best place to go if you are on the look out for an unmarried date. In this London borough almost two out of three men and 57% of the women are single. If you are single in East Devon you should definitely catch the train up to London. In East Devon three quarters of all the men and more than 80% of women are married.

The UK's Office for National Statistics has produced a number of Google Maps visualizing data from the UK census. The Single People in England and Wales map displays the number of adult singles in each census tract in England and Wales. You can click on any census tract on the map to view the percentages of single men and women in the area and compare this figure to the national average.

If you've given up looking for a date locally then you could always widen your search to the rest of the world. Single Atlas can show you all the cities in the world that have the most favorably ratio of single men and women,

Single Atlas shows you the proportion of single men and women in cities around the world. You can search for either single men or women. You can also search by age, by race, education level and height.

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