Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Two Maps for the Price of One

The Mapbox GL JS documentation has a nice new example showing how you can synchronize two maps side-by-side. Swipe Between Maps creates two synchronized maps and allows you to swipe between the two different map instances.

Swipe Between Maps could be a a nice way to showcase all the beautiful map styles that I'm sure you have been creating with Mapbox Studio. Of course you aren't limited to just two maps. You could add a menu to one of the map instances in Swipe Between Maps which would allow users to change the base map layer (you could even add a menu to allow users to change the base maps of both map instances).

I've created a quick demo which adds a menu to Swipe Between Maps. Swipe Compare allows you to select a different base map style in the left map instance. I've added just four base map styles to my example. You could off course add as many map styles as you have created in Mapbox Studio.

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