Wednesday, February 24, 2016

World Flight Data

CartoDB's Carlos MatallĂ­n has created an interesting map of One Million Flight Routes to demonstrate the company's Deep Insights platform for mapping and analyzing big data.

CartoDB's Deep Insights is a tool which not only helps you to geocode and map huge amounts of data but also provides filtering and command controls which allow users to identify and visualize patterns and trends within the data.

The One Million Flight Routes map visualizes flight route data from The map shows the world's flight routes and the route ratings from The flight routes are displayed on the map with colored lines and the route ratings are shown using a 5 star scale (red for 1 and green for 5).

The map sidebar uses a number of Deep Insights' filter widgets. These allow you to explore the data for flight route ratings and the maximum & average flight delays for each route.

You can learn more about how Carlos captured and visualized the data on his blog post Visualizing 1M flight routes with CartoDB.

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