Thursday, February 11, 2016

Street View - Gold Edition

You can now explore Rome at night with this Bulgari - Roman Treasures tour of the eternal city. To be honest the website is little more than a very slick promotional campaign for Bulgari's products. However it does highlight the great leaps and bounds that have made in the last two years in creating fully interactive 'Street View' tours.

Bulgari - Roman Treasures presents a number of 360 degree panoramic images of some of Rome's most beautiful locations. All these 'Street View' scenes have been shot at night and have been enhanced with a little gold plating - each interactive image includes a superimposed star field and Parallax scrolling effects.

Bulgari is an Italian jewelry company. As you explore these Roman Street View scenes you can click on the overlaid map markers to explore some of Bulgari's range of jewelry products.

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