Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Oblique Satellite Views of San Francisco

Back in December The Atlantic released a really interesting map containing an oblique satellite view of Denver and the Colorado Rockies. The map used a rare satellite image captured by WorldView-3 to provide an alternative to the usual top down satellite views provided on interactive maps.

Mapbox has now created a similar oblique satellite view map, this time of San Francisco. The satellite image (also provided by WorldView-3) is simply amazing. The Mapbox blog explains how the camera on board WorldView-3 includes a sensor suite called CAVIS, which is able to filter out atmospheric haze which can partly obscure the Earth in oblique satellite views.

The Mapbox blog also contains a number of zoomed-in versions of the map highlighting some of the areas in San Francisco captured by WorldView-3 in this satellite image.

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