Friday, February 26, 2016

Every Battle Ever - Mapped

Wikipedia has entries for 8,049 battles that have taken place across the world throughout the sorrowful history of the human race. Nodegoat thought that it would be useful to visualize all of those battles on a mapped timeline.

Unfortunately not all of those battles have been given a location and a start & end date in their Wikipedia entries. After downloading and checking all the Wikipedia data Nodegoat was left with 2,657 battles which it could both geo-code and date.

The result is the Wikidata Geography of Violence, an interactive map which allows you to visualize the history of warfare throughout time and across the globe.

The map includes a date control which allows you to filter the results shown on the map for any period of time. The battle markers on the map are also color coded by date. If you select a battle's marker on the map you can click through to see its entry on Wikidata and read its Wikipedia entry.

If you came here via MSM Japan you might like these maps from Japan - 日本からの地図

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