Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Paris Building Age Map

Paris is the latest city to be added to Maps Mania's ever growing directory of building age maps. BatiParis: Période de Construction des Immeubles Parisiens maps the age of buildings in central Paris. It is also a rather good example of the building age genre of interactive mapping.

Like other building age maps BatiParis uses a choropleth layer to show the age of buildings, with each building colored according to its year of construction. If you zoom in on the map important historical buildings are also shown on the map with interactive map markers.

Like other good building age maps BatiParis allows you to filter the buildings shown on the map by age of construction. This allows you to visualize the major stages of construction in the Paris capital over the centuries. What I particularly like about the Paris building age map is that each of the building periods in the map menu is also represented by a proportional square.

These colored squares in the menu allow you to tell at a glance the times when Paris undertook major building construction. For example, the 1851-1914 range has the largest square showing that this was a major period of construction in the French capital. Presumably this is a result of Haussmann's renovation of Paris in the later half of the nineteenth century.

Here are a few other building age maps from around the world:

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