Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Open Source Conflict Mapping

PATTRN is a new open sourced conflict mapping platform developed by Goldsmiths University. The PATTRN platform allows anyone to create an interactive map which can be used to share and collate first-hand reports in conflict or crisis situations.

The platform was first used by Amnesty International in last year's Gaza Platform. The platform was used by Amnesty International to plot 2,700 attacks on Gaza by Israel during the 2014 Gaza conflict. You can also view the PATTRN platform in action in Fortress Europe, a mapped visualization of the Migrant Files data set, and Political Violence in Africa, a visualization of the ACLED data set.

The platform itself can be downloaded from its GitHub repository. Once set-up PATTRN acts as a data aggregator and mapped visualization platform. Users of your PATTRN project can then contribute data about events with space and time coordinates, and to add tags, media and content to those events.

The submitted data is automatically visualized on an interactive map which provides access to all the data. The mapped visualization can also include interactive charts and filters which allow users to explore patterns within the data.

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