Monday, February 08, 2016

Real-Time Pedestrian Maps

There are now many interactive maps which show the real-time movements of trains. buses and trams on transit systems around the world.  Over the years Maps Mania has reported on hundreds of these real-time transit maps. This is the first time we have reported on a map which shows pedestrians moving in real-time.

Placemeter has created a real-time map of pedestrian and bike traffic in Union Square, New York. The map shows the animated movements of pedestrians on the Broadway and East 17th sidewalks and cyclists passing by in the bike lane.

Placemeter provides sensors that can process feeds from video and security cameras in order to extract data on pedestrian and / or vehicle movements. The data can then be used to analyse foot-traffic at specific locations.

A post on the Placemeter blog, Visualizing Traffic Data in Real Time, includes an interactive map showing the real-time movements of people in Union Square. As well as showing people moving around in real-time the map includes a table showing the total number of pedestrians and cyclists for the current day. It also seems to show the total number of people entering the Chipotle and Geox stores on Union Square.

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