Monday, February 16, 2009

Award Winning Google Maps Mashups

Tele Atlas LBS Innovators Series has revealed Nulaz and Rummble as winners of the “LBS-Out the Box” Contest. Nulaz and Rummble will each be awarded €20,000 in cash and a license to use Tele Atlas map data valued at €25,000.

Rummble map
Rummble is a mobile phone, location based, social search and discovery tool that uses Google Maps to help users share favourite places. Using Rummble members can add recommended content for a location directly onto a Google Map.

Using Rummble users can also:
  • Discover content for any location (e.g. cool bars, local knowledge and the secret hangouts)
  • Give friends automatic warning when you will be in their area
  • Share location based content - reviews, photos, videos and blogs
  • Explore with Rummble on your mobile or on the web
  • Meet new people nearby
  • Publish your Rummbles and your location to Facebook and other social software

Nulaz is an internet and mobile phone application that allows users to see where their friends are, share locations, and view local information, such as a cool party or the newest movie. In essence the site combines location-based information with social networking tools.

Central to Nulaz is Google Maps. Using the map it is possible to find and chat with other Nulaz members near-by or find places of interest submitted by other users. Points of interest added by Nuaz users are shown on the map with blue 'i' map markers. Other users are shown by green icons.

Hat-tip to @andrewjscott & @osbournec

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