Thursday, February 05, 2009

Outdoor Sports on Google Maps


MyFishMaps is a website that allows anglers to track all catches on a map with exact GPS locations. Users can create their own groups and make them private or public.

The site has frequent fishing points for adding catches to the site or for inviting your friends (redeemable for fishing equipment) and also has periodic fishing contest with prizes.

Hunting Aces & Fishing Aces

Both Hunting Aces and Fishing Aces allows users to post their favourite hunting and fishing spots to a Google Map and share them with others.

The grouping system employed by the site allows users to share their points with everyone or just chosen friends.

Camping Bonk
From the same team that brought us the incredibly impressive and popular Weather Bonk comes this map mashup of worldwide camp sites.

It is possible to search for camp sites by location. When you click on a camp site marker on the map you can then check the availability of pitches. It is even possible to rate the camp site for the benefit of other users.

ActiveTrails is a Google Maps mashup for users to discover, enjoy, and contribute information about trails of all kinds. The site consists of users' submitted trails and in some areas imported trail data made available by the National Park Service.

ActiveTrails users can import many formats of GPS file, including GPX.
At you can find a nearby sports partner, team or venue with Google Maps. It is free and easy to register yourself, your team or your sports venue.

There are different pages for each sport and a huge range of sports are covered throughout the world , including:

Badminton, Basketball, Cricket - Indoor, Cycling, Golf, Hockey - Field, Hockey - Inline, Martial Arts - Aikido, Martial Arts - Judo, Netball, Skateboarding, Skating, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Swimming, Team Handball, Tennis, Volleyball, Walking, Running, Yoga

BlueGolf Course Directory
The BlueGolf course directory is a Google Map of US golf courses. Using the map it is possible to quickly find golf courses anywhere in the country.

It is possible to view details on each course including Scorecards, Course Tours, Directions, Weather, Contacts and more.



TT said...

Interesting maps!

Anonymous said...

The FishingAces link is broken;
Should be

Keir Clarke said...

@anonymous - thanks for the head's up - I've fixed the link. It now works!

Unknown said...

Its nice to see that people are finding my site.

This last year it was requested by my family to create an online way to store information about our hunting and fishing trips. As the project escalated it started to develop into what is now growing into a full fledged community hunting and fishing website. Added with the power of the Google mapping system all members have the ability to see the markers they enter in a Google Earth style look.
One of the main features that we were concerned about was the ability to keep some of these markers private in cause we did not want anyone else to know about them(personal hot spots). This makes it possible to hide markers on the map from all other members except for those that you all to see them through individual access or through group membership. Groups are what make this site what it is. Each created group allows members the ability to add private marker access. Each marker added to the group gets put into the groups allowed list. All members in the group will now have access to those markers listed as long as that member is involved in the group.
My hope for this site is to give a few more options to the sport I care about so much.
more information can be found at: and

Anonymous said...

Google Maps are a fantastic tool for sports that involve discovery. I have found a freeride skying website that overlayed paper maps on the satellite view, but I can't remember the url.

There is also this surfing guide that uses google maps.
It's amazing how you can view waves from the sky. Like this wave in Bali for example: