Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day Google Maps

Happy Valentines Facebook Map

This map from Mibazaar lets you search for Victoria's Secret, Lovers Lane, Movie Theaters and Florists near your. To search the map just enter your city/state or ZipCode.

Wedding Mapper
Jared Cosulich of Wedding Mapper has created a batch of Google Maps mashups specifically for Valentine's Day:

Send a Valentine's GeoGreeting is a virtual greeting site that lets you send a message to others on the web using buildings that are in the shape of letters and punctuation.

I Feel London and I Feel NYC are community sharing maps for London and New York. Both the London and New York sections have maps dedicated to romance. These two maps show the most romantic spots in New York and London as chosen by the people who live there.

Google Sightseeing and Rodsbot have both put together special romantic flavoured collections from the satellite imagery found on Google Maps.

Official Google Love Map
Google have created their own Valentine themed map. The map has been designed for anyone to "mark the romantic places" in their life. Unfortunately at the time of writing there actually aren't too many romantically intentioned markers.

Via: Official Google Blog: My Maps, your love stories


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