Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rowing Around the World

Virgin Global Row

Oliver (Olly) Hicks is attempting to become the first person to row solo around the world.

Oliver is taking along a water-resistant laptop which means the world can follow his progress via Google Maps and Google Earth. The Google Map of Oliver's journey is on the landing page of the Virgin Global Row website and the map contains links to Oliver's blog posts on his journey.

This post from Oliver,

"I was in a fairly black mood today - still going backwards at quite literally a rate of knots despite my best endeauvours to make headway under oars,"

helps explain the circular route in the screenshot above.

When you first load the Virgin Global Row website the map shows an animation of the most recent part of Oliver's journey. It is great being able to follow Oliver's around the world expedition on Google Maps. If I could change one thing though I would add a scale to the Google Map (GScaleControl).

Via: Official Google Blog


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