Thursday, February 19, 2009

Re-enactment of Flight 1549

Flight 1549

This has to be one of the most amazing things I've seen on the interwebs!

Jeral Poskey has created a Google Earth tour that re-enacts Flight 1549's crash into the Hudson River. The re-enactment includes sound from eight audio tapes released by the FAA between pilots and controllers. To view the tour properly you need to have installed the latest version of Google Earth (Google Earth 5.0).

Jeral explains how he created the tour on his website da Vinci Global Services. The video of the re-enactment below was created by videoing my monitor, so is quite poor quality.

Flight 1549 Reenactment from Keir Clarke on Vimeo.

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Remco Kouwenhoven said...

Too bad that this isnt working for me. I can load the kmz, but the tour only jumps from landmark to landmark, no sound, no nothing....;-(

Keir Clarke said...

@Remco - sorry I should have said in the post you need to have the latest version of Google Earth (version 5). I'll edit the post to that effect.

poohugh said...

smokeonit said...

pretty chiillig, great job!

again, the pilot of cactus 1549 did an amazing job!!!

Michael J.J. Gras, M.Ed. said...

WoW Great job.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a great use of technology. Incredible.

Remco Kouwenhoven said...

@keir, yep, works now.. ;-)