Monday, February 02, 2009

#UKSnow Google Map

#UKSnow Tweets

Heavy snow fell over night in most of the UK. So Ben Marsh quickly created this Google Map to map tweets of snow from UK Twitterers.

If you live in the UK you can add to this map simply by tweeting the first half of your postcode and a score out of 10 for the snow in your location. The map updates every minute.

Ben you are a genius.

Via: TechCrunch UK

Guardian Snow Pictures
The Guardian newspaper has also created a Google Map to show readers' photographs of the snow.

Email with your images if you want your pictures to be added to the map.

Via: Mapperz

And, just in case you were wondering what London looks like in the snow, here's a very short video I shot this morning in East London:

London Snow Feb 09 on Vimeo.

30 seconds into the video you can see the 2012 Summer Olympics Stadium (under construction) looking like it could host the Winter Olympics as well.

The interlocking hands statue at the beginning of the video is a memorial for three workers who died in 1901 trying to save another worker who was trapped in a well.

The mill in the video is on Three Mills Island, Bow. Also someone changed the month without telling me - so it should of course be called 'London Snow Feb 09'.


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