Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The San Francisco Port-a-Potty Arsonist

An arsonist (or arsonists), variously dubbed the 'Toilet Torcher', the 'Loo Lighter' or the 'Poo Pyro', has been burning portable toilets in San Francisco. So far at least 19 port-a-potties have been burned.

Curbed Port-a-Potty Arsonist Map

Curbed SF have produced this very good Google Map showing the location of all 18 gutted toilets. The map displays the date and time of each burning.

Dream Not of Today Arsonist Map

Not to be outdone Dream of Today also have a Google Map mashup showing the location of all of San Francisco's burnt toilets. The markers on this map are colour-coded to indicate in which month the toilets were set ablaze.

Via: Derivative Works

Finally - whilst the objects of this arsonist's attacks might seem funny, you just have to read the post below to see why arson is not funny at all!


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