Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mapping the Downturn

Major World Indices

If you are interested in watching stock markets falling throughout the world then this is the map for you. This Google Maps mashup presents quotes of stock markets from all over the world. The quotes are updated every 10 minutes and the map gives a comprehensive overview of current global stock markets.

The markers on the map show the percentage rise and fall of the market for the day. Clicking on a marker opens an information window with the stock market points total, the total fall or rise and the percentage fall and rise.

Lay-off Maps

One of the direct consequences of all the minus signs on the Major World Indices map is rising job losses. Lay-off Maps is a mashup of self-reported job cuts in the US and around the world.

Selected lay-off news is mapped on this website, however, the focus is on individual lay-offs, rather than the large mass lay-off numbers reported in the news. The site also collects information on the profile of laid off employees, such as age, years worked, salary etc.

Lay-off Maps say that when a significant amount of people report job cuts they will then provide statistical analysis on the website.

Previously Featured

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