Thursday, February 26, 2009

Using Google Earth to Sell Houses


Most online real estate companies now use some kind of digital mapping to show the location of properties. Many companies now even use Google Maps Street View, where available, to give another perspective on homes for sale. I think however that UK real estate company Foxtons are the first to use the Google Earth browser plug-in to try and sell houses. And it works very well.

Using the Google Earth browser plug-in means that the company's customers are able to view potential properties against a backdrop of Google Earth's 3D buildings. What would be really cool is if Foxtons went a little further and actually produced 3D models of the properties for sale. That might seem a little time consuming (and expensive) but some of the properties here are over a £1 million so the commission generated could well be worth the effort.



TT said...

This is very useful, as you can see your future neighboorhood.

house and lot for sale philippines said...

Agreed in full. Makes the house sell fast.