Monday, February 23, 2009

Twitter & Google Maps


TweetMapper allows anyone to create a map of their tweets. The map uses OpenStreetMap for the map tiles and the Google Maps API for geocoding (working out the map co-ordinates from place names mentioned in the tweets).

To map your tweets you just need to add the #at tag to your messages. A really cool feature of TweetMapper is that you can define locations. So, for example, you can set the location of your work place in TweetMapper and then use the tag #at work in Twitter to map your location.

Users of TweetMapper can embed their personal Twitter map in their websites or blog. TweetMapper can also give you a kml of your Tweets so you can view your messages in Google Earth as well.

Schmap GeoTweeter for iPhone

This new iPhone application from Schmap puts the 'where' into your tweets. Using the app your Twitter messages automatically include a '' link, showing followers your exact location with a configurable map icon. Previously saved places can also be retweeted, which could be useful for recommending favourite restaurants etc. and inviting followers to tweetups.

The link is added to the end of your message. When your followers click on the link they are taken to a webpage containing a map of your location and your message.

Previously Featured Twitter Maps

Short URL Services for Google Map Locations - provides a really simple way to get a map or a route without first visiting Google Maps - Enter your address into a search box and create a short url for Twitter. - Zoom to a location and choose your url
LookLeap - Add this bookmarklet to your browser. Click the bookmarklet when you want to create a small url


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