Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mashup Awards for Google Maps

Mashup Awards is a website that showcases the best of mashups on a daily and monthly basis. Here are three Google Maps Mashups that have been recent award winners on the site:


Google Maps mashups that help you find the nearest place to buy coffee are always popular. CoffeeSeeker maps all coffee shops within five miles of a search location.

One nice feature of the map is that the coffee shops are marked on the map with coffee cups bearing the logo of the mapped shop. Registered users can add their favourite coffee shops to the map, they can rate coffee shops and or add comments.


Boarding is a website for those who spend a lot of time hanging around airport departure lounges. Boarding can help frequent flyers find other stranded travellers by simply tweeting #boarding along with an airport code (LAX, JFK, CDG, ...) to Twitter.

When you have sent a tweet Boarding will send you a reply with a link to the other Twitter users at the airport, who you can then message directly to arrange to meet up. And, if you hadn't already guessed, Boarding has a nice Google Map that attaches all the Tweets to the relevant airport.


Joblighted is a Google Maps mashup of jobs in the technology, IT and software industries. Essentially Joblighted is an aggregator of jobs from a large number of on-line job boards.

The map has a number of really useful features. It is possible to filter jobs on the map by source, location and keywords. The map remembers your filters via cookies or permalink. New jobs are highlighted on the map and you can even subscribe to filtered RSS feeds.

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