Monday, February 16, 2009

Italian Maps Round-Up

New Moon Map

Italian newspaper la Repubblica has created this Google Maps mashup covering some of the locations in the movie New Moon. Part of the film is set in the picturesque Italian town of Volterra.

The map markers show some of the film's locations and include photographs and extracts from Stephenie Meyer's original novel.

Observatorio del Paesaggio della Regione Puglia

This Google Maps mashup has been created by the local government of Puglia, in Italy, to crowdsource bad and good examples of landscaping in the region.

Good practices in landscaping are shown with green markers on the map, the red markers are examples of bad practice in landscaping. The map includes a drop down menu that lets users zoom in on individual towns in the region.

La Mappa dei CAA della Basilicata
CAA stands for Centri di Assistenza Agricola, a government department responsible for assisting farmers and helping them access European agricultural funds for certain crops. I think the map shows the department's offices in the Basilicata region (but I could be wrong).

One World Italian Schools
This Google Maps mashup is designed to help you learn Italian in an Italian language school in Italy. Each of the larger towns and cities in Italy have been marked on the map. Clicking on the marker will reveal an information window which informs you of the number of language schools in the town and provides a link to each of the schools.


My365map is a 'virtual tour guide' for travellers and tourists in Italy. The various tourist destinations are categorised and the map markers are coloured-coded to reflect the different categories; sports facilities, museums and monuments, music and shows and archaeological sites and churches.

Each map marker includes a link that will take you to a separate web page containing all the information you will ever need to know about that destination.

Thanks to TANTO for helping me find and translate some of these Italian sites.

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Landscape planning observatory of the Puglia Region (© 2008 Italo Mairo)
(ufficial November 2009 working version, developed for Puglia Regional Authority in the framework of the new Landscape Regional Plan website)

An innovative and shared Geographic Information System on the web that allows every registerd user (single citizen, pubblic institution or association, private firms and companies’ representatives) to insert and publish POIs (points of interest) on the map, as good and bad landscape use examples and practices, and link to them deeper informations such as descriptive attributes or further linked files (an image, a file, a weblink, etc.).
The populated DB is owned and managed by the system administrator, and geocoded data might be directly published on the map, or after previous filtering and correction.
The web gis framework implements a sofisticate users’ registering and management administration system, that allows further analysis regarding sessions logs and data inputs

Italo Mairo ( Google Map Mapplet author and technical planner)