Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ideas for Outdoor Google Maps Mashups

Libraries & Services for Outdoor Pursuits Mashups

Bill Chadwick, of Where is the Path? fame, has produced an excellent website of libraries and services for those who are keen on creating outdoor pursuits mashups. The site includes a number of working examples of the libraries and services mashed-up with Google Maps.

One example is a Google Map mashed up with a Javascript Sunrise and Sunset calculator. As you might guess the map can show you what time the sun will rise and set anywhere in the world.

Another great example on Bill's site is a Google Map mashed-up with a Java Script Douglas-Peuker algorithm. The algorithm reduces the points in a GPX trail so that the mapped polylines load much more quickly. Anyone who wants to create a map mashup that plots GPX trails should definitely check this out.

Other examples on Bill's site include a GPX to GeoJson converter, a UK Gradient Server, a Javascript implementation of the World Magnetic Model and a UKOS Grid for Google Maps.

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