Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Calgary & Edmonton Added to Google Transit

Yesterday Google quietly added Calgary and Edmonton, Canada and Belo Horizonte, Brazil to Google Transit.

In Calgary Google is working with Calgary Transit to provide bus and CTrain information. In Edmonton Google is working with the Edmonton Transit System to provide bus and train information. In Belo Horizonte Google is working with Empresa de Transportes e Transito de Belo Horizonte S/A.

Google have now released information about this latest update.

Calgary, Hamilton, Edmonton, and York Region in Canada; East Midlands (UK); Houston (TX); and 21 agencies in the state of Virginia have all been given full schedules for Transit. China has also received a huge increase in transit data, connecting all provinces with 3100 train lines, covering about 2700 stations and all major cities (for example, try Beijing to Shanghai).

Adelaide, Atlanta, Bonn, Davis, California, Pilsen, Sacramento, Torino and Hamilton, Canada have had transit layers added.

The transit layers in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria have all also received recent updates.

Via: Mapperz & Google LatLong: Another round of updates for Google Transit


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