Thursday, February 19, 2009

Map Maker Added to Google Maps API

Google have announced that the Chrome browser now supports the Google Earth Browser plug-in. Chrome users who have been dying to play with Google Earth in the browser should check out these Google Map Mania posts.

Google have also now officially announced that the tiles from Map Maker are available as new map types in both the Google Maps API (v2.146) and the Static Maps API as new map types.

Google Map Maker allows anyone to add map detail in areas of the world where Google Maps at the moment has little data. Check out the two maps of Sri Lanka below. The map on the right is from Map Maker and the map on the left is from Google Maps.

This Google page explains how you can add Map Maker tiles to your maps. Mapperz has created an example Map of Iceland. Just toggle between the two 'map' buttons to compare Iceland with Map Maker data turned on and off.

Via: Google Geo Developers Blog & Google Lat Long Blog



Unknown said...

Will it be possible to see Mapmaker edits in Google Earth?

Prashant S Andani said...

is there any api to search for places within a city??

Keir Clarke said...

Try the Google Places API