Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tagging & Bookmarking on Google Maps


Tagcrumbs is social bookmarking for places... social placemarking. Tagcrumb users can mark places of interest on a Google Map, add notes and tags and recommend them to their friends.

Users can tag the map in anyway they want. It can be the best restaurant, the place of their first kiss, interesting architecture or anything else. Which means that you also search the site for anything, such as restaurants in San Francisco, camping in Italy or architecture in Paris.


PostMapper is a place to share and discover geographically oriented web content. Instead of saving bookmarks in your web browser PostMapper users can organise web pages by location and save them to their own Google Map. You can also share and find web pages, photos, videos, and more by searching by location or tag name.

If you open a map marker in PostMapper it contains a saved link directly to a website, just as a social bookmark would. Boomarking of pages is done simply through a browser bookmarklet that can be added to your browser's toolbar. Click the PostMapper button on the browser, add a location, and your done.

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