Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Map of Amsterdam Plane Crash

Fairly soon after the crash of the Turkish Airlines Flight on landing at Amsterdam's Schiphol international airport this My Map of the crash was one of the biggest retweets on Twitter.

View Larger Map

I wasn't going to link to the map because I didn't think it added much to the news of the crash. However the map has now been picked up by a number of websites.

If you are interested at looking at the statistics about a My Map just click on the comments link on the main Google Maps page (enlarged map). The statistics about the Schiphol map are available here.



Lunk said...

Coolness :)

Twitter my Crash simulation/reconstruction plz ;)


TT said...

Already 18.000 views for that map lol

Anonymous said...

This is wrong! The plane should be facing the airport and the farm is in the left side of the plane. you need to move the plane to the other side of that farm.

Remco Kouwenhoven said...

Anonymous, the plane icon cant be changed.. its a default icon..