Monday, February 23, 2009

IHOP Free Pancakes Map

Update: Where I'm At have produced a much better (and nicer looking) store locator for IHOP restaurants. Their map includes a search option or the option to click on a map and load the nearest restaurants. Where I'm At also have store locator maps for Apple, Best Buy and AT&T stores.

If they had just contacted me a little sooner I could have saved myself an hour's work :(

IHOP Free Pancake Store Map

Tuesday 24th February is IHOP Free Pancake Day 2009. IHOP wants to help you celebrate Pancake Tuesday, Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday by giving you one free short stack (three) butterscotch pancake. In return IHOP hope its customers will consider donating to The Children's Miracle Network.

To help you find your nearest IHOP store I thought a Google Map of all the IHOP locations would be handy.

I created the map using Google Spreadsheets, Batchgeocode and Map Channels. One reason I went with Map Channels to create the map is that version 3 of Map Channels (released today) has a great marker clusterer. With over 1400 participating stores I definitely needed some kind of clusterer for this map.

It's Paczki Time
Well, there you go. I didn't know that today is also Happy Paczki Day (OK, I didn't even know what a Paczki is). Thankfully Mibazaar has created this map of Donut and Bagel restaurants.

If I lived near any of these restaurants I would definitely be heading out to try one.


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