Thursday, February 12, 2009

Le Trafic en Google Maps!

Google Maps have today added real time traffic information for Paris, Lyon and Toulouse as well as all French motorways. The colours of the roads indicate different traffic conditions. If the road is red or black you should take another route. If it is green the traffic is flowing.

Hat-tip to Mapperz
Via: BloGoMaps: Visualisez le trafic en temps réel sur Google Maps!



smokeonit said...

is that the same data as

i hope germany get traffic layer as well!!!

smokeonit said...

there's a bug! speeds are displayes in mph only! there's no option to change to km/h, huge bummer!

smokeonit said...

i meant to say the mph bug is in Google Earth, sorry... in Google Map one can't see the average speed at the data collection sensors...! only within Google Earth traffic layer...