Monday, February 16, 2009

Google Maps the Potholes

I really like the idea of using Google Maps to help citizens report local problems to local government. In the UK allows anyone to report, view, or discuss local problems, for example graffiti, fly tipping, broken paving slabs, or street lighting. reports all the problems submitted to the relevant local council.

For some reason the idea of reporting potholes via a Google Maps interface seems to be very popular. It is a great idea but I'm not sure why these sites restrict themselves only to potholes.

Detroit Free Press Pothole Map

The Detroit Free Press has created this Google Map of potholes in the city. Readers can add potholes to the map by competing a short form.

All the potholes are listed in a table beneath the map. Clicking on the 'Map It' link will centre the map on that pothole.

Better Pune
Better Pune have a mission to help improve the condition of roads in Pune, India. They believe that the the quality of roads in the city is pretty poor and reflects a failure of the municipal and political institutions in Pune.

Better Pune uses Google Maps to allow local citizens to report on the location of poor road conditions. All the reported problems are then shown on one large Google Map. It is possible to select the type of road hazard you wish to view by selecting from 'potholes', 'drain cleaning', 'water logging' and 'others'. Clicking on an individual complaint reveals the date the complaint was filed and its current status.

fillthathole map
This UK based website allows anyone to report a road hazard by entering the location on a Google Map. The site also has a Google Map showing the location of all the reported hazards on UK roads. When you click on a tagged hazard you can retrieve information about the progress of the hazard, for example whether the council has actually fixed the problem or not.


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