Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Are You F..cking Hungry Yet?

If you always have problems deciding where you should eat then WTF is for Lunch can make that decision for you. The application determines your current location and your past choices and quickly comes up with a suggestion of a nearby restaurant.

WTF is for lunch also provides a handy Google Map showing you where the restaurant is located. For the terminally undecided the application also allows you to reject the suggested venue and get another nearby option for lunch.

If swearing offends you then you might want to give this app a miss.

If swearing really does offend you then you should also avoid Where the F..k Should I Go for a Drink? and Where the F..ck Should I go to Eat? However if you want some blunt advice about where you can get a nearby drink then carry on ...

If you share your location with either of these two apps you will be shown a Google Map of your current location with directions to a nearby bar, pub or restaurant. Above the map is a large (and rude) question that gives the name of your suggested local watering hole or restaurant.

If you click on the named venue in the map headline you can visit the suggested locations's website. If the suggested venue doesn't please you then you can click to get an alternative f..cking recommendation.

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