Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Explore Sunken Ships in Street View

The USS Mohawk was a US Coast Guard cutter. She was sunk on July 2, 2012 off the coast of Southwest Florida. She is the first dedicated veterans memorial military ship reef and is becoming a popular destination for scuba divers.

However you don't need to travel to Florida to take a tour around the sunken USS Mohawk as you can now explore the scuttled ship on Google Maps Street View. You can view the Street Views on Google Maps Views, with some added information about the cutter or you can view the cutter directly on Google Maps.

Google in partnership with the Catlin Sea Survey have also captured undersea Street View imagery of the wreck of the paddle steamer the Mary Celeste.

The Mary Celeste was a blockade runner used during the American Civil War on behalf of the Confederacy to smuggle goods in and out of America. If you want to know more about the Mary Celeste then check out this little biography of the Mary Celeste that I put together with the help of jQuery Waypoints and the Google Maps API.

Indoor Street View imagery of the submarine HMS Ocelet is also available on Google Maps. HMS Ocelot is an Oberon-class diesel-electric submarine, that once served in the UK's Royal Navy. The sub now serves as a museum in Chatham Historic Dockyard.

This indoor tour of the submarine on Google Maps lets you explore all over the vessel and gives great views of the cramped sailor's quarters, the engine room and the ship's torpedo tubes.

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