Friday, March 21, 2014

Greenpeace Maps New Zealand Oil Spill

Oil company Anadarko will begin deep sea exploratory drilling this summer off the coast of New Zealand. In response Green Peace New Zealand has released the Oil Spill Map, which models the likely effect of an oil spill from two sites that have been targeted for deep sea drilling.

The map animates the likely effects of a blowout on either of the two rigs and the drift of the likely oil spill. Each animation progresses in daily stages, showing the growth of the oil spill and the presumed response by the New Zealand authorities.

Into the Arctic consists of a number of mapped stories recounting Greepeace's fight against oil drilling in the Arctic.

One of the stories includes a time-line and map of the events leading up to the illegal boarding of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise by the Russian coast guard and the arrest of all on board. The map shows the journey of the Arctic Sunrise from July 1st when it set sail on its mission to expose the dangerous oil drilling in the Arctic. It includes an account of the ship's mission and also tells the stories of some of the activists that were arrested and placed on trial in Russia.

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