Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Street View Driving Directions

Ever since Street View was added to the Google Maps API one of its most popular uses has been in driving directions maps. Add Street View to driving directions and you can create a very useful application that allows drivers the option to find and preview a driving route before leaving home.

Recently we have seen Jefferson Lam's Daytripper. Daytripper allows you to request directions and then preview the route in Street View simply by scrolling up and down the page. Daytripper is a great way to request directions and zip through the route simply by scrolling up and down. However it is not the only way to present driving directions with Street View.

The Google Maps Street View Player is another useful driving directions map that actually creates a Street View animation of a requested driving route. Request a route from the Google Maps Street View Player and you can not only view the suggested route on a Google Map but you can animate through the route on Street View.

The Street View animation includes pause and play controls and the options to speed up or slow down the animation. Each created route also comes with a unique URL so you can share or save your favorite routes. The code for the Google Maps Street View Player is also available GitHub.

Another option for anyone who wants to preview a driving route in Street View is Map Channels Animated Route Maps. Animated Route Maps also allows you to request a driving route and preview the suggested route on Street View.

Animated Route Map includes options to pause, play, speed up or slow down the animations. On Animated Route Map you can also click anywhere along the route to skip parts of the route that you may already be familiar with. It also includes a Bing Maps Birds Eye view to give you another perspective of your requested route and the option to view current traffic conditions along the route.

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