Friday, March 07, 2014

Directions with Suggestions

If you want to take a stroll in Rome while sampling the delights of Italian ice-cream then you should try SeiDiStrada. This Google Map allows you to search for a walking, cycling or driving route anywhere in the world and choose to view any type of business along the suggested route.

Using the app you can not only get directions in Rome that take you past ice cream parlors but you can get walking directions in London showing pubs along your route or directions in New York that takes you past the best pizza restaurants. You could also use the map to get driving directions that show you the location of gas stations or rest-stops along your route.

Using the map is very easy. You just need to enter your starting location and destination. You need to enter the type of business which you want to see along the route and enter the distance you are prepared to deviate off the route to visit the suggested stops.

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