Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Take Over the World in this RPG

NuGames has released the alpha version of their new location-aware social RPG TakeOver. Join up as an alpha tester (you can connect with a Facebook account) and you can power-up your hero before hordes of other minions enroll to take over the world.

In the game you can become a knight or lady and take on the armies of the Red Emperor. The game involves a number of quests which will see you battling wolves, looting treasure chests, and leveling up your character.

The game itself takes place on a hexagonal board overlain on a Google Map. The entire planet is rendered as a hex grid and by moving from cell to cell, you’ll repopulate it with the story world, and hopefully conquer all. You also get a talking horse with whom you’ll explore the Google Map of the world, riding out on adventures and reclaiming the territory stolen by the Red Emperor.

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