Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New York's Streets Just Got Weirder

#rorschmap was one of my favorite Google Maps maps of 2011. The map lets you zoom in on any location on Earth and, using the same principle of multiple reflection that you find in kaleidoscopes, create an animated Rorschach satellite view.

In 2013 the #rorschmap Street View Edition was released, applying the same technique to Google Maps Street View. Just enter your address into the app and you can drop-down the rabbit-hole and create a kaleidoscope image of your very own home!

And so we come to 2014 and yes we do have a new #rorsch app. The new #rorschcam application applies the same kaleidoscope processing as in the previous two apps but this time to New York webcams from the New York City Department of Transportation.

We might not have a map with this application but the webcam images are live so now we do have moving kaleidoscope views of New York's streets. Who would have thought that New York's streets could have got any weirder?

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