Friday, March 21, 2014

Mapping Boston's Gas Leaks

The Conservation Law Foundation has released an in-depth report into Massachusetts’ antiquated natural gas distribution system. Much of the ageing Massachusetts’ gas pipeline system is very old and prone to leaks, creating a significant public safety and environmental hazard.

The Conservation Law Foundation's report into Massachusetts' Triple Threat discusses in detail the safety threat of gas leaks, the risk to the environment and the cost to gas customers. Each of these main sections of the report is illustrated with an accompanying interactive map.

The three maps visualize gas leaks by grade level, methane emissions and where gas leaks have been repaired.

One frequent problem that I come across in online long form journalism is embedded maps that are squeezed into a small space to save on valuable screen real-estate. The Massachusetts' Triple Threat report manages to neatly overcome this problem by providing a full-screen option on each map.

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