Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just Three Words

The world is divided into 57 trillion 3 x 3 meter squares. Each of those squares can be uniquely identified with just three words. If you know the correct three words you can instantly transport yourself to any location in the world.

Welcome to the world of What3Words.

Launched last year what3words is a service that divides the world into 3 x 3m squares and gives each square a unique address of just three words. Three words can be easily remembered so what3words provides a great service to easily share locations with your friends.

Imagine, for example, that you wish to meet your friends at a specific spot in the park. It could be a location that doesn't have an exact address, such as beneath a particular tree. With what3words you just need to tell your friends to meet you at 'grow longer bottle' and they can easily find the exact spot using the what3words desktop, Android or iOS app.

Try it now - grow longer bottle

For a small price users can also buy one word links. Today what3words has released native iOS and Android apps. The apps enable what3words users to buy and move their OneWords whilst on the go, so sharing a current location is now easier than ever.

If you buy a one word link you can associate it with a business - so you can share the location of your business with customers with just one word. Alternatively you can associate a OneWords link with yourself. Using the what3words mobile app you can then update your location whenever you want and everyone who you have shared your one word link with can instantly find you.

The what3words application is also incredibly useful when travelling abroad. If you've ever found yourself struggling to follow addresses and directions in a foreign script you will appreciate how easy it would be to just be able to associate three English words with a location and be able to always instantly find it on a map.

For example, in Moscow instead of searching for Красная площадь on your Google Map you can just enter into the what3words app and instantly find your way to Red Square.

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