Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Maps of the Week

Instant Peeping is an interesting experiment exploring the behaviour patterns of Instagram users in major cities around the world.

Select one of the cities on Instant Peeping and you will be taken to a Google Map of your selected location. After a few moments real-time photos submitted to Instagram will appear in the map sidebar and the location of the photo will be displayed on the map. Over time patterns should emerge on the map showing you where most Instagram users are located, or where in the city the app is currently being used the most.

If you click on the 'Analysis / Data' link you can view information on the most used tags in the city and on the day and times that Instagram is most popular.

When I first developed my Street View scrolling map I had a plan to one day develop it to work with Google Maps driving directions. The idea was to create an application that enabled you to request driving directions and then preview the suggested route in Street View.

Jefferson Lam has beaten me to the draw with the release of Daytripper. Daytripper allows you to request directions and then preview the route in Street View simply by scrolling up and down the page. So, if you want to preview an unfamiliar route before leaving home, Daytripper is a great way to request directions and zip through the route simply by scrolling up and down.

The Tate owns over 70,000 works of art. 23,000 of the artworks have been associated with a location, either through information in the work's title, description or as depicted in the artwork itself.

Tate Artmaps is a Google Map of the Tate artworks that have been geotagged. You can search the map by location to find geo-tagged art associated with the area. Alternatively you can search for artwork by your favorite artist.

If your search reveals a Tate owned artwork that hasn't already been geo-tagged you can help to geo-tag it by placing a marker on the Google Map (assuming the artwork is associated with a location). If you want to learn more about any works of art on the Tate Artmaps website you can click through to read about it on the Tate website.

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