Saturday, March 29, 2014

Google Naps

It only takes one letter to go viral. I've been watching Google Naps for the last few days and it has very quickly become more and more populated with user suggested locations of where you can go to have a quiet nap.

Google Naps doesn't exactly strike me as fulfilling a need that the world has been crying out for. So why has it so quickly become so popular? Do we really need a map to help find nearby places that we can go for a quick snooze? I think not. Google Naps has gone viral because of its humorous name.

I suspect that right now map developers around the world are working on other puns on Google Maps. In the coming weeks I expect to be reviewing a map of rugs around the world (Google Mats),  a map of drinking fountains (Google Taps) and a map of public rest-rooms (I leave that one to your imagination).

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