Monday, March 10, 2014

Post-Apocalyptic Google Maps

Frequency 2156 is a radio station and Google Map that has been transmitted back through time from the year 2156. In the year 2156 the world is suffering from a twenty year long nuclear war.

Frquency 2156 appears to be gathering data about survivors of this global nuclear war. The map allows you to listen to the messages sent into the station from survivors around the world. You can really mess with the heads of those survivors by recording your own message on the map. Your message will then be transmitted forward through time to this future dystopian world.

RadiantCopenhagen is another Google Map that is somehow sending back important information from a dystopian future.

The map shows a number of important future locations in Copenhagen. When you click on a map marker an information window opens with news that is dated a number of years in the future, usually describing a world that seems to have been hit by global warming and a global depression.

The map also includes a handy time-line, which is useful for those who like their dystopian futures prophesied chronologically rather than spatially.

Map of the Dead is a handy MapBox guide to surviving the approaching zombie apocalypse.

Once you enter your address into Map the Dead you are presented with a map of the area, displaying nearby places that are likely to have resources to help you survive once the zombies begin to take control. It is highly likely that the internet will not survive the rise of the dead so you are advised to print out your personalized Map of the Dead and store it in a secure location.

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