Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Where the World is Moving

MigrationsMap.net has a map showing migrant destinations for countries across the world. The map allows you to select any country and view where immigrants are originating from and where emigrants are moving to.

The map shows that the top destinations for Americans are Mexico and Canada. The data for the map comes from the Global Migrant Origin Database (date from March 2007).

The International Organization for Migration has created a similar map that shows inward and outward migration for countries across the globe, based on 2010 World Bank data. The IOM map shows that the top destination for ex-pats from the UK is Australia, followed by the USA and Canada.

Passion Dataviz has created an interactive map showing where French ex-pats live around the world. The top destination for the French is Switzerland, closely followed by the UK and then the USA. Both the MigrationsMap.net map and the IOM map show completely different results for French migration, with the USA and Spain respectively, being shown as the top destinations

The data for the map comes from France's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and only shows those ex-pats who have self-declared their destination.

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