Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why are foreigners so rude?

It can be tough being an English speaker travelling abroad, especially in countries where they don't speak English. I find that the louder I shout at foreigners to help them understand the ruder they get.

This is obviously a common experience of people when travelling abroad. At least judging by my Nationalities Autocomplete Map. This map shows the autocomplete suggestions of Google search when you type in 'Why are (nationality) so ...' The results suggest that everyone wonders why the English, the Czech, the Germans, the Spanish, the Russians and the Indians are all so rude.

People seem to be equally dumbfounded by the niceness of the Canadians and the stupidity of the Americans.

Another problem when travelling abroad is all that foreign food. The Food Autocomplete Map shows Google search autocomplete suggestions for queries in the form of 'Why is (nations) food so ...'. Based on this map you should avoid visiting America, Greece, Russia, Spain (all bad food) and England and Poland (bland food). Instead, to guarantee a good dining experience, you should head for France, Germany, Mexico or Japan (all good food).

Both these new autocomplete maps were created in a few minutes using the new Map Channels Autocomplete Map Maker.

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