Sunday, March 30, 2014

The World Map of Oil and Gas Exploitation

Drilling Maps is a crowd-sourced map of health and safety issues near oil and gas operations. The map documents water & air quality pollution, and other issues related to oil and gas operations. The map also contains a vast amount of data about the location of oil and gas drilling sites and gas pipelines around the world.

The green markers on the map are oil and gas drilling sites, the pink markers denote power plants and the red markers refineries. The blue markers on the map indicate where health and safety issues have been reported.

The map includes a powerful search function that allows you to search the data presented on the map by location and an 'add' form which allows you to report health and safety issues to the map.

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Syndicated Maps said...

We also have a map of refineries and power plants.

Solar Energy Maps is a map of solar farms, roofs, parking lots and roofs.