Monday, March 24, 2014

Why is Australia so hot?

I've been feeling a bit sorry for Australia. Recently I've being seeing a lot of those Google search autocomplete maps for American states and European countries but none exclusively for Australia. I've therefore used Map Channels' awesome new Autocomplete Map Maker to create a couple of Australian autocomplete maps.

The Why is Australia map shows the Google autocomplete results for Australian states and major cities when you type in 'Why is (state) so ...' into Google. From the resulting map I can only assume that Australians travel around their country in a state of constant surprise about how hot their country is. Except when they get to Canberra when they only want to know why it is so cold.

Australia Needs is a similar map, only this time the map shows the autocomplete search results when you type in '(state) needs ...'.  Apparently Australia is in need of a major construction drive, because Melbourne needs a theme park, Adelaide needs taller buildings and Brisbane needs more bridges.

If you want to create your own Autocomplete map then check out the new Autocomplete Map Maker which allows you to create your own map using any Google search terms.

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