Monday, March 03, 2014

Historical Aerial Photo Maps

Ortofotomapy Krakowa is a Google Map featuring historical aerial imagery of Krakow, Poland. The map overlays historical aerial views of the city, taken in 1945, 1965 and 1996, on a modern Google Map.

Ortofotomapy Krakowa includes a comments feature which allows residents of the city to comment on the changes in Krakow over the years.

Other Historical Aerial Photo Maps

Neighborhood Change in Connecticut - aerial photos from 1934
Catbus - 1947 aerial imagery of Montreal
Old Maps of Moscow - a  large collection of historical maps & aerial imagery from the 1940's
FlyfotoArkivet LW1944 - 1940's imagery of Denmark captured by the Luftwaffe.

Other Collections of Aerial Imagery

The WWII Aerial Photos and Maps website has a large collection of Aerial photos taken during the Second World War. 

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