Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why are Arsenal so bad?

I've been having a lot of fun over the last two days playing with the new Map Channels Autocomplete Map Maker.

One of the great features of this wizard for creating your own Google search autocomplete maps is that you can use a kml of your own locations. This morning I created a kml of all the English Premier League teams to find out what the Google autocomplete suggestions were for English football clubs.

The English Premier League Autocomplete Map isn't actually that enlightening. Most of the results are asking why teams are so bad, or for a very few teams why they are so good. Manchester City are one of the few clubs to elicit another response. As far as City are concerned most people seem to be wondering why they are so rich.

However if you click on any of the teams' label on the map you can view a list of Google Autocomplete search suggestions for that club. For example if you click on the Manchester United label on the map you will see a range of responses, including:

Why are Manchester United so bad this season?
Why are Manchester United so popular?
Why are Manchester United so successful?
Why are Manchester United so good?
Why are Manchester United so hated?

(If you are wondering about the answers to those Man Utd questions - here they are: David Moyes, glory hunting fans, they aren't anymore, they aren't anymore, glory hunting fans.)

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